The Corsair82: 82% F4U-1A Corsair

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I'm a real scrounger. All the lights came from a building that was being torn down. The contractor was happy to let me cart them away. Notice the big wall fan under the window. This is a must have item in a shop where fiberglass is being worked.

The corner on the left is a bathroom with sink, shower and toilet. My wife said I had to leave the house clean and return to it clean. On top of the bathroom is a heat pump I got from a friend who was replacing his home unit. It is not for comfort. It is used to remove the humidity from the air when I do layups. Humidity will ruin layups.

The insulated barrels next to and above the bathroom is storage for hot water. I have a solar heater in back of the shop which runs hot water through the floor. This system came from another building that was being torn down. Some times I have to run the AC and heat at the same time so that the humidity is low, but the temp is high enough to cure the layup.

The door on the back wall is the entry to my tool room. It is a lean to shed (8' x 16') that was added on as a storage room. I later converted it to a tool room.

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