The Corsair82: 82% F4U-1A Corsair

This page was created as a quick reference so that you may find all the updates in one central location.

April. 28th 2013 Added Added to News From Tony
Feb. 27th 2011 Added Tony's New Struts
Feb. 27th 2011 Added Landing Gear Update in The Systems.
July. 6th 2008 Added Work continues on the Canopy 2 in Building Page
Nov. 11th 2006 Added More of the Fuselage in Building Page
Added Work continues on the Canopy in Building Page
Updated The Engine page in Building Page
Mar. 24th 2005 Added Link to Spitfire Company in Links Page
Added Main Gear Part 3 in The Systems.
Added New Videos in The Systems.
Dec. 3th 2004 Finally fixed problem with some people not being able to correctly see images.
Oct. 9th 2004 2 New videos added in The Systems
May 18th 2004 Added section called Vacuum Infusion
May 6th 2004 Building the Wing Skins in Wings
March 29th 2004 Videos added in The Systems
March 14th 2004 CorsairReplica Yahoo group added in Links and on the Mainpage
March 10th 2004 Main Gear Part 2 added in The Systems
March 10th 2004 Photo added in Airshows

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