The Corsair82: 82% F4U-1A Corsair

Tailwheel Pic 01
I found that the tail wheel retract system on a Beech 18 is similar to that of a Corsair. This picture shows the un-modified assembly. It is a bit heavier than the Corsair82 needs but the scale is about right, and I think with some modifications it should work.
Tailwheel Pic 02
I have cut away some of the frame and am going to cut the strut at the arrow.
Tailwheel Pic 03
The portion cut from the outer strut tube now becomes the spacer for the fork. It is on the bottom with a brass bushing between it and the top part of the strut tube.
Tailwheel Pic 04
Parts cut to make the new fork.
Tailwheel Pic 05
The fork parts are held together with a vise and a bolt in preparation for welding.
Tailwheel Pic 06
The fork had been welded to the spacer tube and the inside strut tube.
Tailwheel Pic 07
The wheel and tire have been placed into the fork.
Tailwheel Pic 08
A frame has been added to the upper portion pf the outside tube and the inside tube is in place. Note the size of the 10" diameter wheel/tire assembly.
Tailwheel Pic 09
The bulkhead for the airplane is bolted to my bench to act as a test stand.
Tailwheel Pic 10
All the other parts are being assembled. I had to make a lot of these parts adjustable because I didn't have any idea as to their sizes. I adjusted each part until the whole thing worked properly.
Tailwheel Pic 11
A pneumatic actuator has been added to work the gear. It has an electric switch to work the valves. This will all be hydraulic in the airplane.
Tailwheel Pic 12
A close up of the actuator.
Tailwheel Pic 13
The gear doors have been cut out of the fuselage and the bulkhead has been installed.
Tailwheel Pic 14
Here I am inside the fuselage attaching the gear. Lots of room in there.
Tailwheel Pic 15
The tail wheel assembly is now in place and operating. Also note the tail cone is being built.
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