The Corsair82: 82% F4U-1A Corsair

How Many Seats Does It Have?
Good Question!

Purists will say that a true Corsair replica should only have one seat since there wasn't a two seat Corsair. Well, it turns out that's not entirely true. While the Navy and Marine Corps never purchased it, Chance-Vought produced and offered a two seat trainer version in 1946. It's surprising they never purchased any of this version considering the many training accidents that occurred due to the severe stall break of the airfoil. If it had been available sooner the decision might have been different.

On the other hand, many vintage Corsair owners removed the armor from behind the pilot's seat and installed a passenger seat. Dark-blue tinted windows allow the passenger to see out while preserving the look of the Corsair.

Two Seat Corsair
The Chance-Vought two seat trainer version of the Corsair.
This picture was provided by Herman Fasnacht.
A vintage Corsair with a passenger seat installed behind the pilot. You can see the tinted passenger windows.

So the question is, how many seats does the Corsair82 have? And the answer is, how many do you want? While it's primarily designed as a single seater, it is possible to build yours as a two seater. After all, for many people half the fun of a homebuilt is sharing the experience with others.

Basically there are three options for a two seat corsair. One is to build it as the trainer version pictured on the left. The second is to install a pilot's seat that folds forward to gain access to a seat behind the pilot like the picture on the right. The most interesting is to make a "convertable" version. How this works is in the single seat configuration it looks just like a standard Corsair. But the windscreen and part of the fuselage immediately in front cover a passenger seat in front of the pilot. This section is removable and is replaced by a longer canopy resulting in a look similar to the Trainer version.

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