The Corsair82: 82% F4U-1A Corsair

Reference Materials

No design is made in a vacuum. Information is pulled from numerous sources in successful designs. Many people have asked about the books I've used. Here's a list of the more helpful.

Composite Basics Composite Basics
By Andrew C. Marshall
This was one of the books I used to plan and size the wing and spar. In this here was the forumlas to size the wing and spar using pencil and paper. I first did it the hard way and then checked my work using the program in "Modern Aircraft Design."
Composite Construction Composite Construction For Homebuilt Aircraft
By Jack Lambie
The basic handbook of composite aircraft aerodynamics, construction, maintenance and repair. Plus how-to and design information.
CompuFoil Professional CompuFoil Professional
By Eric Sanders
In order to make ribs, I had to draw them with great accuracy. To do that I used this program. It is a great tool for plotting an airfoil. It produces CAD ready DXF files. It has many other great features. Take a look at Eric's homepage at:
Book Fibre Glast
This company is a great source for materials, but also has informational pamphlets that are priceless for the information they contain. Some of their products can be seen in the pictures on the Corsair82 web page. Tell them I sent you. Their website is
GA Airfoils GA Airfoils
By Harry Riblett
Harry Riblett has "cleaned up" many of the NACA airfoils and compiled the results in this book. Most NACA airfoils were purely theoretical and designed only for research purposes. Many are poor choices for a real aircraft. This book lists practical and good performing airfoils.
I chose one of his "cleaned up" NACA laminar flow airfoils for the Corsair82. I chose the 37A215 airfoil.
This book can be purchased from the EAA bookstore. See my Links page.
How To Build How To Build Composite Aircraft
By Martin Hollman
A short, basic manual on how to build composite aircraft.
Book Moldless Composite Homebuilt Sandwich Aircraft Construction
By Burt Rutan
By the man who made composite aircraft popular, this book cover the techniques and methods common in all types of composite construction. It was particularly helpful in building the Corsair82 mold plugs, which were made using the moldless foam and fiberglass technique.
Modern Aircraft Design Modern Aircraft Design
By Martin Hollmann
This two volume series covers many aspects of designing an aircraft and includes many useful computer program listing. I used one of these computer programs to size the wing and spar. I first did it the hard way using the formulas in "Composite Basics" and then checked my work using the program.
Understanding Aircraft Understanding Aircraft Composite Construction
By Zeke Smith
Basics of materials and techniques for the non-engineer.

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