The Corsair82: 82% F4U-1A Corsair

It even sounds like a Corsair

The Corsair82 is designed to use the Pratt and Whittney R-985 Wasp engine. This engine is 82% the size of the Pratt and Whittney R-2800 Double Wasp engine, which is the primary reason for choosing that scale for the airframe. The advantages of the R-985 include relatively low cost, high availability of powerplants, parts and maintenance, and very high power. The R-985 is probably the most common radial available. And you can't get anything close to that kind of power for three times the price.

One of the earlier 75% scale versions of the Corsair82 called for use of a Russian radial. But they have several disadvantages, especially for a replica. For one thing they turn the opposite direction from a Pratt & Whittney.

Of course you can put any engine you want in your own replica, but there is nothing like the sound of a radial engine. You can hear it right here.

P&W Wasp R-1340

Hear For Yourself

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In Mid 2006 I bought an engine from a guy in the Amsterdam, NY area. It has a few hours on it, but should be a good engine for test flight. I built a test stand so I could test the engine and prop before I actually test fly the Corsair82. I don’t want to be test flying an engine for the first time in an airplane being flown for the first time.

Just got home from New York.
Hoisting the engine out of my truck.
That is a big motor.
The test stand is almost complete.
Looks like a sled.
I hope it is built strong enough!
The “Test Pilot” seat.

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