The Corsair82: 82% F4U-1A Corsair

Here you can see the process of producing the molds for the forward cowl.

Cowl Pic 01
The cowl started as a chunk of foam that was turned on a large homemade potters wheel.
Cowl Pic 02
Stabilization of the foam surface
Cowl Pic 03
An applied finish of primer and wax
Cowl Pic 04
Mold release applied
Cowl Pic 05
Fiberglass applied to make the female mold
Cowl Pic 06
Female mold separrated from the plug. A frame has been added for support and strength.
Cowl Pic 07
Female mold with a paint finish, wet sanded with 1200 grit.
Cowl Pic 08
About to spray mold release and then a gel coat
Cowl Pic 09
Fiberglass being laid up in the female mold.
Cowl Pic 10
This is the new cowl. It is just out of the mold without any smoothing or painting. The spectacular finish is the result of the process used. The same process will be used on all composite parts on the Corsair82.
Cowl Pic 11
After six months of work and two attempts at making a good plug, I took out my frustrations by destroying the plugs with a hammer. (But only after a good part had been pulled out of the mold!)
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