The Corsair82: 82% F4U-1A Corsair

Here you can see the process of producing the molds for the canopy.
Hand made foam plug already covered with fiberglass.
Side view.
Trimmed and surfaced with Dynalite body filler.
First attempt at a windscreen. I attempted to use Molt Taylors technique of heavy paper with epoxy. The paper is too stiff to bend without wrinkles.
Primed and wet sanded.
This time I used a thin aluminum sheet for the wind screen. It required a lot of support from behind, but worked well.
I decided to add some extra to the back in order to allow a smooth transition for the plexiglass.
Finished plug. Primed, wet sanded, and waxed. The canopy seen installed on the aircraft (fuselage page) was the first attempt). It still needs work. I may make a female mold and try vacuum or blowing it.

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